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As a child growing up I was forever taking things apart and (sometimes) putting them back together which through some curious paths has lead me to become a qualified blacksmith, it was only after I had started that I found out that my grandad was a blacksmith also though shamefully he passed while I was too young to understand anything like that. I love to use my creative and problem solving abilities in work pieces which makes many work pieces have a unique flare to them, if sometimes subtle.
A goal of mine is to have work pieces all over the world one day. Already having a couple in Africa; several in wales and one that travels in a boat all over warm waters I think that one is well on its way! 

I like to add personality to a piece by getting to know the person or people it's for. An example of this is a "pig burner" I made for someone whilst working at Stanmer Park Forge, he thought the name of "pig burner" was great so we made it look like an actual pic with ears; a snout and tail. Something that stuck out about his personality was he liked his music, punk rock music to be precise. I gave the pig some studs and earrings  with a few other customization's. It totally changed the end piece from a log burning stove into a punk rock pig burner.